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Basement Lighting Options – Key to Making Your Basement Presentable

An experienced lighting contractor can help make your basement stand out with efficient basement lighting. The basement becomes a great utility for storage and other purposes.

A basement is usually a place to stow away all your junk and unwanted stuff. One key factor i.e. basement lighting, can make your basement from a dull and gloomy dungeon into a well-lit and aesthetic place to be used for anything and everything. However, if this guideline is to be met, you need an experienced electrical contractor to hook you up with the best basement lighting options.

The basement space provides ample room and space for utilities that you can’t accommodate in regular space. Housing a pool table to making a karaoke station or just a storage area, the basement provides endless opportunities.


Like any other category in today’s, basement lighting comes with a wide variety of fixtures and styles. The customized world of today makes shopping for basement lighting easier and more difficult at the same time. How, you may ask? Easier, because there are options for every budget, and difficult because having so many options can be a real brainteaser.

To make your life a bit easier though, we have compiled a list of options and things to consider when looking for basement lighting options. Further, we will also shed light on ideas to use while redecorating or sprucing up your basement with some extra lighting. Here are some of the key factors to consider when choosing basement lighting.

Type of Lighting

The first thing to consider when selecting the right basement lighting is the type of lighting. Just like traditional lighting, many types of lighting can be installed in your basement. These include your standard recessed lighting, wall-mounted basement lighting, and the more industrial yet chic-looking track lighting.

Depending on the purpose you want to remodel your basement for, you can select either recessed lighting or wall-mounted. Other options such as pendant lighting and track lighting can also help to light up the basement to be used as a pool place or even your crib.

Style of Lighting

The style of basement lighting can reflect your own stylistic choices. Moreover, you can also complement the previous styling of your places such as matching the basement lighting with doorknobs or existing lighting fixtures.

From the minimalistic approach of the recessed lighting to the more country-cottage themed rustic fixtures, you have got yourself plenty of options to choose from. If you are not a fan of recessed lighting but still want a modern look, you can opt for bright metal and sleek glass finishes.

Bulb Types and Rating

Another key characteristic when choosing the right basement lighting is the type of bulb and its power rating. Typically, you can get four types of bulbs including LEDs, Incandescent, CFL, and Halogen bulbs. Each type has its rating and wattage meaning they produce light of different warmth and intensity.

A typical selection for basement lighting would mean installing LEDs due to their energy efficiency. Also, they don’t get as warm as the older incandescent bulbs. The latter also cost more and aren’t energy savers. CFL bulbs on the other hand are energy-saving and bright enough to light up your basement. The only drawback with CFLs is their slow warm-up times.

Warmth and Coolness of Lighting

Basement lighting and lighting in general have a property that allows them to act warm or cool depending on their temperature. The Kelvin rating of a bulb tells us whether it will produce warm or cool light.

Most residential lighting falls in the range of 2000 to 5100 Kelvin. Most lighting fixtures also support dimmers and it is good to have such an option for adjusting the intensity of light during day and night.


Finally, the installation of basement lighting also affects your selection. Some types of bulbs can not be replaced easily on a DIY basis and thus, require help from a professional. Some traditional fixtures can be re-installed easily and thus play a role in their selection.


Here are some excellent ideas for basement lighting that you can use to spruce up your basement and make an excellent living space out of it.

  1. Track Lighting: A type of lighting that is installed on tracks held on the ceiling. It offers excellent flexibility as you can install pendant lighting or even spotlights on a single track.
  2. Recessed Lighting: If you already have a suspended ceiling, recessed lighting is the way to make your basement into a well-lit multipurpose room.
  3. Surface Mounted Lighting: An efficient way to use space and make your basement lighting pop is the surface-mounted lighting ensemble.
  4. Industrial Lighting: If you’re a fan of minimalistic styles, industrial pipes coupled with hanging lamps and lighting fixtures are low-maintenance basement lighting options.
  5. LED Strip Lighting: LED lighting is an excellent choice be it recessed lighting or lamps. LED strips can also accentuate basement features such as stairs and walls.


Basement lighting is an excellent endeavor to improve your basement from a dreary dull place into a place full of life. The options are endless and even offer budget-friendly options. Get yourself an experienced contractor such as Prolectric for all your basement lighting installations.

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