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Contact us for your professional electric meter box replacement or installation. Our team of licensed electricians will do the job quickly and safely.

We offer electric meter box replacement and installation services in Bellvue, CO and surrounding areas. Your electric meter is important since it tracks the amount of electricity your home or business uses. It measures it at a rate of kilowatts per hour which is the same unit of measurement used by the electric company. Replacing an electricity meter box is not extremely difficult but it needs to be done carefully because of the risk of electrocution. Care must also be taken when you install a new box. We offer prompt electric meter box cover replacement. If you need electric meter box replacement or installation, contact our residential electrician today.

Prompt, Efficient Electric Meter Box Replacement

Electric meter box replacement becomes necessary from time to time. The box can wear out over time or get damaged by bad weather or in an accident. Some of the signs that it’s time for old electric meter replacement include:

  1. Physical damage to the box
  2. Inaccurate readings
  3. Sudden spikes in your electricity bill
  4. Unresponsiveness

When any of these occur, you need to get a professional to look at your meter box. Gaps or tears in the box can cause water leaks which can lead to damage to the wiring throughout your home or office. This puts you in danger of electric shock. Any burning on the box can cause fires or further damage to the wiring or a socket in your house.

If you notice any signs of damage, it is your responsibility as a property owner to locate a provider of electric meter box replacement. Contrary to what some property owners believe, the base is not owned by the utility company. However, if you’re not a licensed electrician, you shouldn’t try to replace the box yourself. We will assess the situation and repair or replace the box with as little disruption as possible.

What is the Average Electric Meter Box Replacement Cost?

Electric meter box replacement cost can vary depending on the nature of the job. However, we offer free estimates. Prolectric provides prompt, professional service. If you have a property in Bellvue, Timnath, Windsor, Wellington or Fort Collins, CO, contact us today to discuss your problem. We will schedule a site visit and then provide you with an estimate of your electric meter box replacement cost. Let us repair, replace or install your meter box.

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